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In the State of Oklahoma, during even numbered years, there is a possibility of 7 elections. During odd numbered years, on the other hand, there is a possibility of 11 elections. The trouble with this is that not every precinct is open for every election. Therefore, voters are unsure whether they have an election contest that they are able to vote in or not.

The citizens who sign up for the Citizens Alert System and opt in for the election notifications will only be notified for those elections, when they are eligible to vote. Links to sample ballots, as well as polling place information, can be accessed at the touch of a finger, either on a smart phone or via email.  Citizens who only have land lines will be sent a voice recording about the election date and will be encouraged to contact the Election Board for more information.

Our goal is to use the best information outlets, so that voters/citizens will have the opportunity to be made aware of every election. We want Rogers County Citizens to engage in their Right to Vote. We believe that this alert system will allow more citizens to have knowledge of elections that affect them personally. As in the old School House Rock cartoon’s motto, “Knowledge is Power”.

Voting is your right; use it! Voting is the opportunity to contribute to the political process, not just on a national scale, but locally. Our system was created to work best when everyone participates. Your vote matters to your community, state and Nation. Your vote is how political offices hear your opinion. We live in a Constitutional Republic - a system of government in which you, as a United States Citizen, have the privilege and right to participate. Rogers County will be stepping to the forefront on providing information to all citizens, utilizing the latest technology, so that you feel like you have the knowledge that is needed to participate.