Electioneering Information


The law prohibits any person from electioneering within 300 feet of any ballot box while an election is in progress. [26:7-108] The law also prohibits any person, except election officials and persons who are voting or waiting to vote, from being allowed within 50 feet of any ballot box while an election is in progress.  The law further prohibits the posting or exposing of any printed material, other than that material provided by the County Election Board within 300 feet of any ballot box while an election is in progress.

Where should  you put signs? at  least  300 feet away from  the  ballot box.  We are  happy to provide you with  maps of each polling location  for your  convenience. The NO ELECTIONEERING ZONE is within the red circle. Please comply.

Precinct 203 Verdigris United Methodist Church

Precinct 131 First United  Methodist Church West

Precinct 130 Central  Baptist Church

Precinct 128 Heritage  Bible Church

Precinct 120 Catoosa Community Center

Precinct 116 Oologah Assembly of God Church

Precinct 110 Harvest Baptist  Church

Precinct 32 Journey Church

Precinct 31 Community of Christ Church

Precinct 30 Freedom Church

Precinct 29 Hilldale Baptist Church

Precinct 27 Inola United  Methodist

Precinct 26 Inola First Baptist  

Precinct 24  Talala First Baptist

Precinct 23 Chelsea Community Center

Precinct 22 Sequoyah  Public Schools

Precinct 21 Redeemer Bible Church

Precinct 20 Verdigris United Methodist Church

Precinct 19 Tiawah Community Church

Precinct 18 Sequoyah Baptist Church

Precinct 17 Rural Water District #3

Precinct 15 Harbor Church

Precinct  13 Chelsea Civic Center

Precinct 12 Eastern Hills Baptist Church

Precinct 11 Foyil Baptist Church

Precinct 10 Catoosa  Community Center

Precinct 9 Claremore Assembly of God

Precinct 8  County Building

Precinct 7 County Building

Precinct  6 Freedom Church

Precinct 5 Rural Water District  #8

Precinct 4 Blue Starr Church of Christ

Precinct 3 Faith Baptist Church

Precinct 2 First Presbyterian Church